2020 : The Year of YOU

2020 : The Year of YOU

A New Approach to Your New Year Fitness Goals
Recall the times when you have looked into the mirror and felt some sort of imperfection. It is true - lack of confidence is a real deal and it affects the best of us!

People are easy to point out your lack of determination, but they’re wrong. It is not the lack of determination it is the lack of self-care!

Self-care is an important conversation today, that we are quick to throw out of the window. It is like a stigma- often confused with being “selfish”

But, one need not feel that way. An important and sure-shot way to practice self-care is through Fitness!  Doing even a small set of workout or activities everyday is proven to boost confidence and positivity. A regular workout routine improves not only your physical well-being but also your mental health.

Since New Year is just around the corner, it's almost like a tradition for people to make at least some form of fitness resolutions. However, every passing new year is the end of a new resolution you promised to make but couldn’t keep!

To break this wheel, FITSY has started the #FitnessGoals2020 campaign. We want this year to be different- we want you to focus on yourself this year and achieve your fitness resolution! We will release a set of blogs and inspirational content this entire year so that you stay focused and motivated on your fitness!
As a first step in this initiative, we have curated some ways in which you can give the right start to your #FitnessGoals2020:
Be Specific & Don’t Overdo It:
The first step towards achieving any goal is to define them clearly. When it comes to fitness, people often go overboard and try to keep too many targets at once. If you overwhelm yourself with too many difficult goals, it becomes hard to keep up with them. It is always better to have simple and realistic goals and start with baby-steps. For example, you can start with ‘ Running for 15 minutes every day’. 

Involve Other People:
An effective way to keep yourself on track is to take the help of others in doing so. You can either inform a close friend or a family member to keep tabs on your progress everyday or even better, ask them to accompany you in your activities! Involving others gives you a sense of encouragement since you are not only accountable for your target but you have made sure that  someone points it out to you.
Schedule It: 
If you have not included your fitness regime in your daily schedule and try to squeeze it into your day at unspecific times, it tends to phase out of your daily habits. If you plan and exercise at the same time every day, it reinforces your brain to include this into your daily habits and eventually it takes less efforts or thinking and runs on autopilot!
Make it Enjoyable:
When setting fitness goals, people often choose exercises or activities that are the most challenging. This may not be the most productive way to start your goals since you are already setting a high bar without thinking about how your mind and body will react to it. It is much better to explore activities that you find enjoyable and fulfilling. For example, if you enjoy Tennis, you can convert it into an activity towards fitness rather than jumping onto something like weight training which you no interest in or enjoy. 
Try Simple At-home Equipment:
We understand the hustle culture that spares no time for your personal projects. In order to deal with the constraint of time, there are many effective products available in the market that can save your run to the gym. You can create your own workout area at home with simple and minimalistic things like Resistance BandsAnkle-WeightsYoga Wheelsetc. There are many exercises that can be done with these products that will give you the same results as any high impact activities or exercises. 
Maintaining a consistency in fitness is understandably difficult. But it can be easier if you follow through these steps and keep yourself motivated! 

FITSY Wishes You an Energetic Year Ahead!

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