Can’t Hit the Gym? Do This Instead...

Can’t Hit the Gym? Do This Instead...

People who are already into fitness, swear by the gym and the equipment they get to use to stay in shape. However, not everyone is cut out for it or simply don’t have the time and resources to do so.


Many people also find the travel time in going to and from their local workout center is too much. This affects their ability to commit to fitness on a regular or daily basis. Some cannot afford the expensive gym memberships or have jobs and kids at home which leaves them with no time for themselves. This gives many people the impression that fitness is very difficult or even impossible to achieve. 


Although gym seems like the obvious solution to amp up your fitness, it is certainly not the only solution- there are other convenient, cost-effective and easy ways.


One of the best ways that checks most boxes, is to set up your own home gym or home fitness space. But many people think, that you need too much space to stock up heavy and overly expensive gym equipment for home workout like treadmill or heavy weights.


Setting up your workout routine at home can be the simplest and least expensive task, if you follow the below steps:


1. Learn the Basics:


Since working out at home means that you won’t have access to a certified trainer, you will need to educate yourself in the basics of weight-loss, muscle gain, etc. But you need not overwhelm yourself with too much since the goal should be to start with simple and achievable exercises and commit to the routine. Just learn the correct way to do a particular workout.


2. Create Action Plan:

The next step is to set goals in terms of how, where and when you are going to exercise. Choose a place that is a little more spacious and has good ventilation. Pick a fixed time every day so that your mind gets into the habit of exercising at the same time every day. However, one advantage of working out at home is that you don’t need to always adhere to a fixed timing, if one day is more hectic than the others, you can be flexible with your schedule. 


3. Create a Workout Routine:

Once you have prepared yourself mentally and have the right knowledge, it is time to ask yourself what your fitness goal is- whether it is to burn fat, build muscles or just to stay active in general.  Your workout routine needs to be aligned with your goals so that you you can achieve maximum results without needing a gym or instructor. 


4. Find the Right Equipment:

Although one need not purchase heavy equipment, it is quite easy to get your hands on simple and compact exercise equipment for home use that are as effective as the heavy machinery at the gym. The best part is that these objects are simple, impactful and yet do not cost much and occupy very little space.


For example: resistance bands are a must fitness equipment if you want to provide resistance to your body and work out your muscles. Some of the best home gym equipment you can also invest in are kettlebells, push-up assistance bars, ankle and wrist weights, AB-rollers, etc.  




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