FITSY Agility Space Marker Cones - 9 Inch - 6 pcs

  • Make the most of FITSY Agility Space Marker Cones which are great for field coordination exercises, making training courses or establishing boundaries. These space markers are incredible for sports and agility training like field coordination or basketball drills.
  • Use them for numerous other activities like soccer, football, basketball, games at parties and events, kids play, bicycle obstacle course, motorcycle training, dog training, horse training, and much, much more.
  • These soccer cones come in sets of six vibrantly colored 9-inch- change as per size tall cones. The bright colors of the cones make it easy to mark and see the boundaries during games of soccer, football, or hockey.
  • The thoughtful design of these space markers is such that they are not made of hard plastic but soft and flexible PVC vinyl, and rounded edges. No worries about accidentally stepping on them or kicking them, because they will bounce right back!
  • The cones are neatly stackable on top of one another making it easy to pack this training tools compactly.

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