FITSY Anti-Burst Yoga Exercise Gym Ball with Foot Pump, 75 cm

Improve posture, balance, coordination, abs strength, and stability of your body with FITSY anti-burst yoga ball !
  • This is one of the best exercise ball for a home gym workout and delivers fast and mind-blowing results in less effort. 
  • It is perfect for Core Strengthening, Spinal Stabilizing, Yoga Training, Physical Therapy in Home, Gym, or even as a Desk Chair to support your back muscles in your workplace.
  • You need not worry about toxic exposure as our fitness ball is made of 100% BPA free material, and is also free from latex and heavy metals, so as to avoid the case of an allergy. Horizontal ribs moulded around the ball provide anti-slip stability to hold you from falling off while rolling, bouncing, or squeezing on the ball.
  • Considering the maximum safety, FITSY gym ball comes with a high anti-burst rating. This large inflatable swiss ball made from non-toxic premium PVC material can sustain weight up to 270 Kgs. keeping its shape and size adequate in the longer term.
  • FITSY Reliable anti-burst yoga ball is so versatile that it allows a various range of postures to keep your body and mind active and engaged all the time, making it worthy gym equipment for all ages. FITSY offers this gym ball 75cm with pump, competent to give maximum pressure to attain desired firmness.
  • For the sake of convenience, it is designed with ease to inflate quickly. It saves time and energy with the quick inflation foot pump included in the package.

Rs. 799 Rs. 799