FITSY® Hedgehog Balance Pod Half Ball Dome Exercise Balance Trainer, Pack of 6

  • FITSY hedgehog balance pod is forged out of the best quality of PVC; the anti-slip rings are fitted in the bottom are designed to ensure safety and allow this balance pod to be used for heavy-duty workouts. 
  • FITSY hedgehog balance pod is a must-have accessory to massage sore feet and for reflexology; bunions, hammertoes, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, etc. Other common foot problems can also be treated with this balance trainer half ball. Improve your dynamic balance, body awareness, and coordination while stimulating the feet and circulation with this stability pod.
  • The multi-purpose use of these stability pods enables its usage for various activities like balancing, body-toning, coordination, and posture improvement.
  • The tactile, flexible bumps designed on this half ball dome can either be used with the dome side up or down, for various levels of difficulty. Moving from one side to another is done easily by this hedgehog balance pod’s workout-friendly design.
  • This balance trainer half ball boasts of strategically designed spikes, which enhance blood circulation within the body.
  • The balance pod’s simple usage allows it to be used by all adults or children with equal ease. 
  • DIMENSION – the stability pod’s 16cm diameter and it's lightweight make it compact and easily commutable, so you can easily carry it anywhere, anytime for an outdoor workout. 
  • Package Content: 6 Dome Shaped Hedgehog Balance Pod.

Rs. 2999 Rs. 1799