FITSY 2-in-1 Yoga Foam Rollers for Deep Tissue Massage, Exercise, Pain Relief - 13 Inches

  • Use the Trigger Point Foam Roller to get right into the deepest muscles in your body, giving you a quick myofascial release after workouts. The Plain Soft Foam Roller can not only help ease the pain of shin splints and inflammation but also can prevent your back, shoulders, and chest from getting injured because of a hard work-out.
  • This Yoga Foam Rollers takes you from beginning to end of your fitness routine, helping warm up muscles and prevent injury, cramping, and muscle tension.FITSY Fitness Foam Massage Roller provides durable support for heavy weight and repeated use.
  • This Set of Foam Roller for Exercise is great for releasing muscle tension and tightness after training for faster recovery, reduced soreness, and improved flexibility. FITSY Fitness Rollers have multiple uses great for sore muscles, balance, flexibility, physical therapy, yoga, and many different strength training exercises.
  • FITSY Yoga Foam Roller is "Must Have" for Fitness, Weightlifting & CrossFit, yoga, pilates, fitness exercises, physiotherapy, rehabilitation. A Great Foam Exercise Roller for Strengthening, Balance Exercises, Deep Muscle Massage, Rehab and MyoFacial Release. This Foam Physio Roller also helps you ease soreness and stiffness, reduce recovery time, avoid injury, improve range of motion.
  • Rolling with this Muscle Foam Roller increases Oxygen Flow which helps Muscle Recovery & Rehabilitation. EASY TO USE WITH CONVENIENT CARRY BAG: The Massager Foam Rollers set for muscles are easy to use, lightweight & portable. Deep Tissue Foam Roller fits easily inside, and you can pack it all up in one handy bag and take it along with you.

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