FITSY 4-in-1 Grid Foam Roller Set – Yoga Belt Strap, Massage Ball and Lacrosse Exercise Ball

  • Suffering from post-workout soreness leaves muscles stiff and painful for days. Get rapid relief from head to toe when you use the 4-in-1 foam roller kit.
  • No matter where you hurt, this 4-in-1 foam rollers set can help. Release deep-tissue pain with the foam roller, yoga stretch band, squeeze ball, or spikey ball. Tight muscles don’t stand a chance when you use the yoga strap for stretching. And for your back pain, the peanut ball has got your back.
  • Your sore muscles travel with you, so your massage roller set should, too. Bring your favorite natural pain reliever to the gym, on the road, and everywhere in between—the trigger point foam roller set comes with its own carrying bag!
  • Your massage foam-roller kit doesn’t stop at pain relief. Recover faster, perform better, and prevent injuries with FITSY, so you can crush your next workout! Plus, yoga rollers are known to help break up scar tissue, increase flexibility, improve mobility, and even aid rehabilitation.

Rs. 1799 Rs. 1199