FITSY EPE Deep Tissue Yoga Foam Roller - 18 Inches

  • FITSY Exercise Foam Roller Relieve pain in your back, legs, neck, IT-Band, and shoulders by triggering blood circulation to sore and tight muscles.
  • FITSY Muscle Foam Roller is made from EPE material will not lose its shape after heavy use. Premium 2-layer design features a 4" high-density core and a 1" comfort layer that wraps around the core.
  • This Foam Roller for Exercise is great for releasing muscle tension and tightness after training for faster recovery, reduced soreness, and improved flexibility. FITSY Fitness Roller have multiple uses great for sore muscles, balance, flexibility, physical therapy, yoga, and many different strength training exercises.
  • Physio Roller helps you ease soreness and stiffness, reduce recovery time, avoid injury, improve range of motion. Foam Rolling increases Oxygen Flow which helps Muscle Recovery & Rehabilitation.

Rs. 1449 Rs. 849