FITSY Peanut Massage Ball Muscle Roller - Pink

  • With FITSY muscle roller massager increases blood flow to muscles, reduce muscular tension, relieve muscle soreness & joint stress. The muscle roller improves joint range of motion and increases the rate of recovery from exercise.
  • This physio roller massager helps correct muscle imbalances and maintain normal muscular length. The workout-friendly shape of the foam roller prevents any injuries and enhances your performance.
  • Apply controlled pressure to trigger points & muscles around your body with this deep tissue massager. The muscle roller can be used before and after exercise to stretch your muscles and get maximum muscle relief. Regular use of this physio roller massager can alleviate muscle tightness from sitting all day at work.
  • This physio roller massager can be used as a massage roller for back, massage roller for neck, massage roller for legs, full body massager and can be used for any muscle injury to speed up rehabilitation.
  • The yoga roller’s deep knobs massaging bumps helps you for a deep tissue massage by reaching inner muscles & joints to iron out knots. The knobs help to improve circulation and relieve muscle stress. 
  • Coming in a standard size of 30 cm x 10 cm FITSY Deep Tissue Massage Peanut Muscle Roller easily fits into your gym bag, and its lightweight makes it easily carriable.

Rs. 1299 Rs. 899