FITSY Trigger Point Muscle Roller Stick - Green

  • Cure your muscle soreness, fasten muscle recovery, reduce pain, and muscle stiffness with FITSY’s trigger point massage roller.
  • Use the massage roller prior to your workout to rejuvenate your muscles and after a workout to relax the muscles, this will avoid any kind of muscle soreness or muscle injury.
  • Regular use of the massage roller stick eliminates the risk of any post-workout injury and enhances your body’s blood circulation thus improving your strength significantly.
  • The massage roller is made with high-quality materials which not only provides it with a stylish look but also makes it durable gym equipment to have in your cabinet. The roller stick is made with thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene handlers facilitating an ergonomic grip, the 9 independent abs rollers on the steel rod core makes this roller stick an essential pre and post-workout massage equipment.
  • The simple usage of the massage roller stick and its lightweight allows you to carry this stick in your bag, or even in your hands, easily. Massage therapists and personal trainers highly recommend this roller stick to athletes, gym-goers, and fitness freaks.
  • The massage roller stick is used to enrich physical exercise experience and quick injury recoveries as it can be conveniently used on your back, glutes, hamstrings, neck, quads, shoulders, and even back.
  • Give your body the best massage treatment without bending or breaking or squeaky noises with this trigger point massage roller!
  • The package contains 1 robust and water-resistant muscle roller stick.

Rs. 799 Rs. 599