FITSY Yoga Foam Muscle Roller for Deep Tissue Self-Massage - 18 INCH

  • Release muscle tension by using our after-exercise foam roller. Just roll the muscle roller on your trigger points and release your muscle tension.
  • Our muscle roller comes with durable heavyweight support for repeated usage with no compromise on the efficiency.
  • The multi-purpose physio-foam roller can be used for deep tissue massage, back pain, ease soreness and stiffness, quick recovery from an injury, improve range of motion with Deep Myofascial Release (applying pressure to specific points on the body).
  • Muscle rollers are very useful in increasing the oxygen flow throughout the body as it helps in muscle recovery and rehabilitation, and Fitsy’s massage roller is here just to serve that purpose.
  • Our exercise foam roller is a must-have for any fitness aficionado due to its flexibility in functionality. It can help you calm your muscles after cross-fit and weightlifting, fitness exercises, Yoga, Pilates, and many more exercises. The size and color variants will surely entice you. 

Rs. 1799 Rs. 899

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