FITSY Gym Cable Attachment : Chrome Seated Row Grip Handle Bar with Swivel

  • FITSY another offering in the series of gym cable attachments – a seated row grip handlebar with swivel – is a must-have gym accessory if you are serious about getting your body in good shape.
  • Manufactured out of high-quality iron and styled with high-polished chrome finish gives it long-lasting durability even under heavy regular usage.
  • This seated rowing bar is extremely beneficial in training your biceps/triceps, and also building your back and shoulders, as you can perform seated rows, triceps press-down work, lats, curls, low row curls, and even bicep curls.
  • The seated rowing multi exercise bar comes in a universal design which can be attached to any gym-cable system. It boasts of rubberized grip which enhances your hold during sweaty workouts and the rubber-end caps prevents your palms from slipping.
  • The revolving swivel enables this multi-exercise bar to reduce the friction between the bar and the attached cable thus eliminating the squeaking sound and providing a comfortable and effective workout.
  • FITSY rowing handle comes with knurled handles thus providing your palms a firm, sweat-proof grip during intense training sessions.
  • Dimension - 34.5 x 17.5 x 16 x 19 cm. Package contains 1 Seated Rowing Multi Exercise Bar.

Rs. 2999 Rs. 2399