FITSY Gym Cable Attachment : Chrome Straight Press Down Bar

  • FITSY LAT bar is durable and long-lasting as it is forged out of high-quality iron and polished with a chrome finish to keep it rust-free and enduring.
  • The knurled-texture of this cable cross d-handle allows friction to work at its best and enables a comfortable and firm grip, especially during sweaty workouts. The seated row grip of this LAT bar allows it to be used for biceps, arm pullovers, triceps, and even seated row workouts.
  • The design of this gym cable attachment is facilitated by ultra-modern technology which gives it an ergonomic design that enables superior comfort during your workout. The press down bar’s universal design makes it adaptable to all the cable systems to work on.
  • Maintaining your posture when you move around is made easy with this gym cable attachment’s smooth, fluid central swivel that moves around with ease and provides you with proper muscle stretching.
  • The straight lat bar is extremely lightweight and hence makes it a great equipment for indoor workouts and easily commutable during travels causing no hindrance to your daily workout schedule.
  • SIZE - 19.5" wide for physiologically correct LAT isolation movement. Package contains 1 Straight triceps LAT Pulldown Bar.

Rs. 1799 Rs. 1499