FITSY Gym Cable Attachment : LAT Pull Down Bar with Swivel

  • FITSY newest offering in its gym cable attachment series – LAT pull down bar with swivel – is here to make your workout smoother and more effective.
  • Made out of high-quality iron with an edgy chrome finish makes this pull-down bar durable equipment that doesn’t lose its quality even after extensive usage.
  • The ergonomic design of this LAT bar handle boasts of scientifically determined angles which give you a full stretch for better LAT development and superior comfort during your workout.
  • A strategically built centre swivel allows a smooth 360° movement for your body thus allowing you to stretch your muscles effectively in turn maximising the impact of the training.
  • The LAT pull-down bar comes in a universally applicable design and hence can be attached to any gym cable system. The pulldown bar is knurl textured thus giving you a firm and secure grip during intense workouts.
  • The knurl design doesn’t just provide you with prevention from slipping your hands and injuring yourself but it also allow this chrome finished iron-build pulldown bar to be used for multiple workouts like biceps and triceps workouts and also back and shoulder development.
  • SIZE - 28" wide for physiologically correct LAT isolation movement. Package content 1 LAT Pulldown Bar.

Rs. 2999 Rs. 2299