FITSY Gym Cable Attachment : Revolving V-Shaped Press Down Bar

  • Attach Fitsy straight LAT bar to any gym machine and perform a variety of lateral exercises to train your triceps, shoulders, arms, back, and lats. The universal design of the chrome lat pulldown bar allows you to use this gym cable attachment on any gym cable system.
  • This multi-purpose V-shaped triceps press-down bar is constructed out of high quality iron with a chrome finish which gives it a trendy look along with its durability.
  • Train both of your arms at the same time with this seated row bar as it allows you to perform various intense workouts like pulldown reps, biceps, and triceps workouts with ease and efficiency.
  • The triceps rope comes with a rubberized handgrip made with an anti-skid design which keeps your grip in place and prevents slipping during intense sweaty workouts.   
  • The seated row bar also works as a triceps rope and allows you to perform various training for your triceps, biceps, shoulder, and back.
  • The straight lat bar is extremely lightweight and hence makes great equipment for indoor workouts and easily commutable during travels causing no hindrance to your daily workout schedule.
  • SIDES 15.7” x 12” Perfect dimension of this gym cable attachment provides comfort during your workout and fits well in your palm.

Rs. 2999 Rs. 2297