FITSY Gym Cable Attachment: Single Tricep Rope

  • The gym rope is a product of high-quality, heavy-duty black nylon with durable rubber stoppers. No need to assemble anything, just take the extension rope out of the box and do your triceps workout by attaching it to a cable machine.
  • Our triceps pull down rope comes with a chrome-plated attachment, which can be attached to any gym system for different kinds of workouts.
  • The large rubber block at the ends of the gym rope gives you a comfortable and effective grip and prevents your palms from slipping and injuring your wrists.
  • This gym cable attachment can be used as a pull-down rope to tone your triceps or as an extension rope to stretch your muscles more. The gym rope is ideal for any pulley system to maximize your fitness ability. FITSY cable machine gym accessories provide a great way to perform triceps press downs or hammer curls with a natural free form feel.
  • It is designed to tone your triceps, build your biceps, improve back muscle strength, accentuate your abs and shoulders, and improve your grip strength.
  • Package Contains 1 Triceps Gym Rope.

Rs. 849 Rs. 699