FITSY Gym Cable Attachment : V Shaped Chrome Seated Row Bar

  • The V-shaped chrome seated double row bar is set at an ideal measurement 7.5"x5.5"x5" (LxWxH). These dimensions allow this gym cable attachment to fit perfectly in your palms and make your workout comfortable and effective.
  • Attach this gym cable attachment to any cable systems. The rowing handle’s high-quality iron build allows it to support weight up to 880lbs (400 kg).
  • Enjoy a non-slip comfortable grip with the diamond knurl-textured handle of FITSY’s chrome finished seated row bar. Now focus on your workout more effectively without the fear of slipping or injuring yourself.
  • FITSY’s V-shaped chrome seated row bar is an amazing gym accessory if you want to develop your biceps, shoulders, triceps, back, and even forearms. Double-D design enables you to work out both of your arms at once.   
  • You can attach this seated row bar to any gym machine and do your workout without any hassle. The chrome bar is made from high-quality iron and the ideal dimensions of the row bar provide a balanced force for both arms.
  • The V-shaped chrome seated double row bar is extremely lightweight and hence makes it a great equipment for indoor workouts and easily commutable during travels causing no hindrance to your daily workout schedule.

Rs. 1599 Rs. 1499