FITSY Gym Cable Attachment : V Shaped Seated Row Bar with Rubber Grip

FITSY T bar row handle cum gym cable machine attachment cum v bar for triceps is an excellent quality add-on to your gym equipment.
  • The v shape seated row bar is made of high-grade iron ore. The chrome finish ensures that the grip neither rusts nor corrodes.
  • This v shape press down bar is capable of swivelling a full 360 degrees giving it extreme mobility even on the most vigorous workouts.
  • This v shape seated row bar can enable you to perform multiple seated row exercises to develop the muscles on your shoulders, back, forearms, biceps, and triceps.
  • The unique Double D design of this triceps handle allows you to exercise both the arms simultaneously.
  • A textured non-slip handle ensures that your hands don't slip during any kind of workout on this highly versatile gym cable machine attachment. The v shaped press down bar fits in comfortably in the palm of your hand due to its accurate size - 7.3" (L) x 6.5" (W) x 6.3" (H). 
  • A 0.59-inch hole on this triceps handle is the perfect match for any standard cable system in the gym.

Rs. 1999 Rs. 1799