FITSY Gym Cable Attachment : V Shaped Tricep Press Down Bar

  • This 26” long triceps bar is a must-have gym cable attachment as its perfect dimensions not only fit perfectly in your palms but also provide ease and comfort to your workout regime.
  • The ideal dimensions are purposefully crafted by FITSY to make this cable cross V handle a multi-purpose straight LAT bar that can be used for a variety of lateral exercises to build your shoulders, arms, back, triceps and lats.
  • The high-quality iron build allows this triceps bar to handle heavy weights. FITSY’s V-shaped press down bar is framed in a universal design that is adaptable to all gym cable systems.
  • The rubber-textured bars give you a comfortable and firm grip during your sweaty workouts and prevent the LAT bar from corrosion and rust.
  • The V-shaped triceps bar is extremely lightweight and hence makes great equipment for indoor workouts and easily commutable during travels causing no hindrance to your daily workout schedule.
  • Package Contents 1 Triceps Press Down Bar.

Rs. 2299 Rs. 1999