FITSY Resistance Band Exercise Handles, 1 Pair

  • FITSY resistance band handles are carved from high strength core ABS plastic, thick woven nylon webbing, foam-padded grip completed with heavy-duty stitching.
  • These cable machine gym exercise handles come with soft rubber handles that offer a sturdy and safer grip; the additional layer of soft foam pad gives you a comfortable grip on these resistance band handles.
  • You need not worry even if your hands are large or small; our resistance bands cable machine handles can accommodate all hand sizes. These exercise handles are designed to be wider and thus offer more comfort during your workout. 
  • These gym cable crossover machine handles can fit any hand with immense spare space, which allows you to put appropriate resistance on your muscles.
  • FITSY exercise handles are immensely helpful in lat pull-downs, cable crossover exercise, biceps curl, single hand triceps exercise, etc. on cable exercise machines.
  • Package Contains 1 pair of resistance band handles.

Rs. 549 Rs. 449