FITSY® Adjustable Wrist Band Thumb Loop, 1 Pair - Orange

  • FITSY Wrist Bands designed specially to help weightlifters; powerlifters & bodybuilders are made with high-performance heavy-duty material and elastic wrist support. Add big weights easily to your core lifts with this essential gym accessory!
  • The wrist bands are sized at 13-inches and are elastic, perfect to fit hands of all sizes, men, and women. Just adjust the tightness of the bands by their straps to make it a perfect fit for you.
  • The high-quality cotton and elastic material that make up this band will contour around your wrist and secure them in a neutral position to improve your form. The comfortable grasp of the band will ensure that your wrist joints do not face any tension without compromising the firm grip.
  • Train harder and safer and with FITSY wrist support as they come with 2-inches thumb loop & top-grade 3.5” hook and loop fastener. No matter the intensity of the lift, the strongly reinforced thumb loops will keep the wristband in place.
  • Package contains 1 Pair of Adjustable Wristband for Gym.

Rs. 599 Rs. 499