FITSY® Gym Gloves with Padding for Men and Women - Medium

  • FITSY gym gloves for men women- designed with adequate padding and support required for workout whether you are lifting at the gym, outdoors, or at home!
  • These gym gloves come with silicone grip and a wrist support strap so that you accomplish more with your workouts worrying about injuries or mishaps. 
  • The foam padding on these gym gloves will protect you from painful blisters and calluses so that you focus on your fitness goals without any obstacles.
  • Use these wrist gloves for workouts such as Crossfit, weight training or weight lifting, heavy free-weights, and more with the help of the firm grip and proper form that they provide. You can also use them for a bike ride on your motorcycle or your cycle.
  • The gym gloves are made from stretchable and breathable material that prevents retention of hear and absorbs the excessive sweat while working out.
  • Size- Medium (18-19 cm). Package contains: 1 pair of Medium Gym Gloves for men and women

Rs. 1099 Rs. 849