FITSY Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

  • FITSY health and fitness mini stepper with resistance bands helps you tone your thighs and buttocks by repetitive stepping action. Eliminate the risk of putting excessive stress on joints by achieving a challenging cardiovascular workout and reaching hard-to-reach muscles with this elliptical pedal stepper machine.
  • FITSY provides high-quality removable resistance bands thus enabling you to achieve a total body workout by training your arms, back, chest, and shoulders too.
  • Ease the pressure on your joints with the adjustable resistance bands. The LCD display monitors embedded to the fitness mini stepper shows you total count, rep count, calories burned, and time input into the exercise.
  • The pedal stepper comes with adjustable tension lever which allows you to adjust the height and pedal tension as per the requirement of the workout. The compact size and lightweight of the elliptical pedal stepper machine enable you to carry it anywhere you want and perform your outdoor workout.
  • The oversized slip-resistant foot plates keep you firmly planted during the workout and the heavy-duty metal construction provides years of reliable use without the fear of rusting. Fitsy’s health and fitness mini stepper is certainly must-have equipment for a fitness enthusiast.

Rs. 7999 Rs. 2799