FITSY® Round Thick Bar Grips for Weight Lifting - Standard Bar

  • Improve your grip on any regular barbell, pull up bar or dumbell by attaching these non-slip weightlifting thick bar grips to them and optimize your bar grip to result in maximum biceps and forearms development.
  • The fat grips can also be used on triceps rope as its inner diameter of 1” enables it to be used for any kind of bar or ropes exercise.
  • The weightlifting thick bar grip is made out of high-quality silicone rubber with textured design on its exterior which prevents slipping and allows you to have a firm and secure grip on the rubber ball during intense workout sessions.
  • Stimulate your entire upper body and increase your muscle gains as the rubber barbell grips boost your muscle stimulation which results in stronger muscle mass and strength in your hands, forearms, and entire upper body.
  • The triceps rope rubber ball grips prevent any kind of muscle imbalance as it reduces the stress on joints and equally spreads the weight across a larger surface thus maximizing the impact of your exercise and providing optimum pressure on fingers, wrists, and hands.
  • Dimension: Inner Diameter - 1 inch. Length - 6 cm. Package contains 1 Pair Barbell Grips.

Rs. 1599 Rs. 1299