FITSY® Suspension Trainer Kit for Complete Body Workout

This full-body exercise suspension trainer kit by FITSY enables a comprehensive fitness training regime.
  • The suspension trainer straps provide a host of health benefits through their ability to help burn fat, enhance muscles, increase endurance, and improve flexibility.
  • This resistance trainer kit provides multiple anchoring solutions that can enable many total body workouts. One can anchor the straps directly, with extensions straps, door anchoring with the help of individual extension straps, anchoring with the assistance of door handles and anchoring with the help of the wall mount bracket!
  • FITSY bodyweight training equipment that also doubles up as a resistance trainer kit enables you to perform over 300 exercises. The adjustable length of these suspension trainer straps allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts by merely changing your body position.
  • This kit is lightweight and portable. You can quite easily pack it and take it along on your travels so that you never have to miss a workout.

Rs. 4999 Rs. 3499

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