FITSY Self Suction Sit up Assistant for Abdominal Exercises - Purple

FITSY Self-suction sit up workout assistance for those toned abs and total fitness!
  • This excellent sit up assistance device is quite extraordinary when it comes to strengthening and developing your ab and back muscles. You can develop those core muscles very efficiently with the help of this highly recommended sit up assistant.
  • This sit up exercise equipment is extremely well built and stable on account of sturdy iron metal frame capable of withstanding the rigors of an extensive workout. 
  • This sit up bar is equipped with a reinforced suction cup that attaches itself securely to the floor, allowing you to undergo your workouts and training routines safely.
  • This abdominal exercise equipment has very comfortable foam handles that take care of your feet and ensure that they don't get bruised or chaffed. 
  • FITSY ab exerciser is as good as a home gym allowing you to carry out a large number of exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, planks, crunches, abdomen exercises, and basically entire body exercises.
  • This self-suction sit up bar is highly versatile. You can adjust its height to accommodate your needs, easily store it, or carry it with you on your travels.

Rs. 999 Rs. 499