FITSY 10 pcs Finger Support Sleeve Protector with Soft Comfortable Cushion Pressure

FITSY 10-piece finger support sleeve protector with soft, comfortable cushion is suited to multiple sports!
  • This finger protector provides effective cushion pressure and finger support to protect against impact while engaging in any manner of sports, including cricket, baseball, table tennis, volleyball, biking, boating, and so on.
  • These finger support sleeves fit all adult sizes due to their elasticity.
  • This finger sleeve not only acts as a finger protector but is also comfortable to wear since it is soft and extremely lightweight. It does not make one's fingers look unshapely as well.
  • Each package of this finger brace, comprises of 10 pieces, providing comprehensive protection to all ten finger if that is what you want.
  • This finger support cum thumb brace is made out of breathable material capable of absorbing sweat, keeping your fingers dry, and better able to cope with the demands of playing any sport.
  • This multi-faceted finger brace also helps provide relief from pain arising from ailments like arthritis, tendinitis, trigger finger, and swollen finger.
  • Wearing these finger support sleeves helps you avoid niggling injuries, which are quite common among those playing sports.

Rs. 499 Rs. 299