FITSY Resistance Exercise Loop Band | Pull Up Band 41 Inches - Green Color

Get in better shape without the need of heavyweights with FITSY’s pull-up Resistance bands!
  • FITSY's pull up bands are used to train upper body, arms, and lower body, inducing effective muscle contraction all at once, simultaneously keeping your joints and other parts of your body safe.
  • Designed with high-quality latex rubber, these resistance bands for exercise have superior elasticity. Its long-lasting feature keeps this heavy duty resistance band in alignment, maintaining constant tension on the body throughout each exercise. Sweat resistance handles provide a secure grip on hands while maximizing comfort and control.
  • These pull up assist bands allows deeper stretching moves and increase flexibility to execute medium to heavy workout patterns making it ideal for strength training, yoga training, aerobics physical therapy, Pilates. They also target muscle groups that require special attention. 
  • FITSY’s resistance band for pull ups comes in multiple resistance levels suitable for people of any age and fitness level. You can choose the right pull up resistance bands ranging from medium to extra-heavy resistance levels based on your body weight and needs.
  • Stretch, bend, exercise at ease with our light-weight and portable pull up assistance bands from anywhere, whether traveling or at home. Being versatile, this assist band is very easy to carry and fits in any hand luggage.

Rs. 2199 Rs. 1099