FITSY Resistance Stretch Band - Loops | Stretch Band 41 Inches - Blue Color

  • FITSY blue loop resistance band is designed specifically for stretching and warm-up exercises. Use these light bands for your pre and post-workout stretching/ warm-ups/ cool-downs.
  • Apart from stretching, you can also use these exercise bands for Pilates, mobility workouts/light workouts, Physical therapy, or Rehabilitation to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.
  • Designed with high-quality latex rubber, these resistance bands for exercise have superior elasticity. Its long-lasting feature keeps this resistance band in alignment, maintaining constant tension on the body throughout each exercise.
  • These stretching bands allow for the safety of joints and ligaments as they support your moves well and increase your flexibility.
  • Stretch, bend, exercise at ease with our light-weight and portable bands from anywhere, whether traveling or at home. Being versatile, this blue stretch band is very easy to carry and fits in any hand luggage.

Rs. 999 Rs. 399

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