FITSY Set of 3 Resistance Loop Bands - 12 Inch

  • Use FITSY multi-colored exercise resistance loop bands for a workout to strengthen, stabilize, and tone your muscles. The loop resistance bands allow progressive workouts with five resistance levels and multiple combinations.
  • This pack of 3 loop bands has varied resistance levels – Black (Extra Heavy), Yellow (Medium), and Green (Extra Light). These bands help you customize your exercise resistance loop bands according to your targeted workout.
  • The unisexual design of our loop bands set allows both men and women to use these booty bands for a variety of exercises like powerlifting, pull-ups, arms, legs, back, buttocks, hips, and glutes.
  • Our exercise resistance loop bands can assist you in your physical rehabilitation therapy. They can serve as beneficial for pregnancy recovery, injury prevention, rehab after an injury, back, leg, and knee injuries. You can get back in your desired shape with our loop band set.
  • This loop band set is manufactured with a natural latex material and has a loop size of 12 inches. The tenacity of the bands helps them retain their perfect shape for an effective workout for every exercise. 
  • The durability and lightweight of the exercise bands allow you to carry them in your purse or briefcase without any hassle.

Rs. 999 Rs. 299

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