FITSY Door Anchor for Resistance Tube Exercise Workouts

  • The FITSY door anchor is a heavy-duty accessory. The strap of this resistance band door anchor is made with thick nylon webbing, high-quality stitching as well as additional stability provided by nylon inner cores. 
  • It is extra-long and has a length of 13 inches, which means that it can easily fit with any type of bands, including D-Handle bands. This door anchor exercise band utilizes dense but soft foam, which gives security for your bands from all points. 
  • Additionally, the soft foam end of this door anchor attachment will help prevent scratching or denting of your door. Having soft ends greatly reduces the chance of friction between your door and anchor.
  • Suitable for use with all brands of resistance tubes or bands, this door anchor will increase the types of exercises you can perform with resistance bands!

Rs. 499 Rs. 279