FITSY Green Toning Tube - Designed Specifically for Women

  • Resistance (15-20 lb) is just perfect for most women who are planning to start fitness training for the first time / after a long gap
  • The door anchor allows you to perform all the exercises with absolute ease. Formulate your workout according to your strengths and goals, choosing from different workouts in the workout chart
  • The biggest benefit of toning tube resistance band is that you can do almost all types of exercises with this band; that too from anywhere and anytime. Be it for your arms, shoulders, chest, back, ABS, or even lower body workout, this band will help you achieve your desired results. That's why resistance toning tubes are a MUST HAVE in your fitness training kit
  • The exercise resistance ropes are made from premium quality natural latex for durability and resistance. They have soft foam D-handles, pre-attached, for continued comfort during repetitive movements. Cushioned foam handles provide a comfortable and slip-free grip. They are lightweight, easy to carry and great for home, gym, and travel.

Rs. 849 Rs. 349

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