FITSY Arm Blaster with Padded Straps

  • FITSY biceps blaster belt locks your elbows close to your body, thus preventing them from swaying during biceps exercises or curling exercises.
  • During your curling exercises, use FITSY's biceps curl belt to lock your elbows and back and isolate your shoulders and biceps, thus putting more efficient pressure on your biceps and giving better results.
  • Size doesn't matter for this biceps supporter belt as this biceps workout belt is suitable and comfortable for any body size.
  • The thick aluminium gauge in this biceps blaster belt provides better stability during intense biceps workout, thus making your routines more efficient.
  • This arm blaster is mainly designed for your biceps and triceps workout, as its posture support technology allows you to maintain proper form during your biceps and triceps exercises.
  • This bicep blaster belt has thick padded elbow pads for safety and comfort, a supreme foam neck padding, and a fully adjustable strap to give you premium comfort and stability.
  • Package Contains 1 Arm Blaster for Gym.

Rs. 2949 Rs. 2799