FITSY Double Power Twister Bar for Arms & Upper Body Workout

Double Power Twister bar for men who crave that impressive upper body and ripped arms from FITSY is a must-buy!
  • This bullworker for men is customized to enhance upper body strength and assists the wrists, arms, chest, and shoulders.
  • The twister bar comes fitted with safe hand grips and is equipped with non-slip handles that make for a firm grip.
  • This spring bar is made of strong and durable high-grade carbon steel, making it extremely tough and long-lasting.
  • A great feature of FITSY Double Power Twister bar is its portability making it possible for one to have a great workout in the comfort of one's own home. 
  • This twister bar comes equipped with a heavy-duty spring that provides terrific resistance to let one sculpt those ripping muscles. 
  • This power twister is just all the equipment needed to set up a home gym and work out to your heart's content.
  • This power twister is equally great for both beginners and the more serious exercise buffs. This bullworker for exercise for men sure works for all!

Rs. 1479 Rs. 999