FITSY Roman Ring / Gymnastics Rings with Straps & Buckles

  • FITSY gym rings come with two solid 9" wooden roman rings for exercise, two 14-feet heavy-duty straps coupled with solid cam lock metal buckles. These are one of the strongest and most secure suspension gymnastic rings you can get.
  • These cross-fit gymnastic rings are 1 inch in thickness, which allows you to grip it correctly and comfortably. The inner diameter and the outer diameter of the workout rings are 7" and 9," respectively, which emphasizes its appropriate size.
  • The roman rings are manufactured from high-quality wood and enable a safe and effective grip no matter what.
  • The heavy-duty straps spread your weight evenly throughout the strap, thus making the gym rings safe and effective for exercises like hanging, pull-ups, and gymnastics.
  • The straps can be attached to walls, trees, or beams, and thus these workout roman rings allow you to perform your workout indoor as well as outdoor.  
  • The small size and lightweight of these gymnastic rings make them a great travel companion.
  • You can do any workout you want with these wooden gymnastic rings right from pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups to hardcore gymnastics to strengthen your core, tendons, joints, and accessory muscles. 
  • Fitness ring training will also engage your core and stabilizing muscles on every movement for robust and fast results. These Roman gymnastic rings are great for cross-fit and strength training for men, women.

Rs. 3799 Rs. 1899