FITSY Abdominal Sit Up Pad with Lower Back Support - Red

  • Master your core strength, workout your core muscles (abdominal, oblique, and iliopsoas) as the FITSY’s core strengthener workout mat, allows you to access a full range of motion. Perform various crunches like erector, side, reverse, cross, long arm, bicycle, and even knee crunches with these abdominal trainer pads. 
  • Optimize your core strength training with the Abdominal Sit up Pad. Build strong and aesthetic abdominal muscles with FITSY’s core trainer pads. Increase the effectiveness of your standard floor crunches and sit-ups with this helpful and unique product.
  • Crafted from high-quality faux leather with a non-slip weave grip, the exerciser mat lowers the traction of the mat and lower back thus making it a must-have sit up assistant for home workouts. The seamless stitching maintains its quality for a long time, and the rubber grip prevents it from moving while working out.
  • This abdominal sit up pad comes with excellent lower back support that helps you achieve maximum results. The contoured body and the high-density foam cushion of the abdominal sit up pad reduce the chances of lower back pain by providing 15-20 degrees of elevation at your pelvic joint.
  • FITSY core strength exercise wedge weighs 540gms making it easily transferable from the gym to home or otherwise. This package contains 1 Abdominal Sit up Pad.

Rs. 1699 Rs. 999