FITSY Upgraded 4-Wheel Ab Roller with Knee Mat & Floor Wedge

  • Whether lean or fat, you can transform your abdomen to ribbed, toned abs effectively with our increasingly popular FITSY Ab roller equipment! This advanced training tool not only develops your abdominals and obliques but also builds strong core, lats, and triceps. 

  • FITSY’s uniquely designed gym ab roller has 4 heavy-duty wheels to aid balance and support throughout the full range of motion. It prevents your back from aching during the roll-outs. Strong but lightweight stopper wedges will help you feel grounded while improving stability over long- stretching exercises.

  • Sturdy and hard made ingenious construction helps this ab exercise roller to deliver an intense, high-level core challenge giving you a balanced and robust body. Large and soft rubber grip handles alleviate firm grip holdings along with slippage control, comfort, and protection.

  • The smooth-rolling ball bearings in roller have a heavy load-bearing capacity. This helps the rollers deliver high-end performance, specifically with core strength training practices. A durable knee pad adds more comfort during workouts.

  • Despite its clever design and great features, this ab wheel roller is surprisingly affordable and can be used by both men and women and persons of all fitness levels. It is so compact that you can carry and store it without any hassle!

Rs. 1679 Rs. 899