FITSY Yoga Exercise Ring Magic Circle - Blue Color

  • Make your Pilates, Yoga and fitness workouts fun with FITSY exercise rings, a piece of perfect fitness equipment for women. Just use the ring for exercise for a few minutes each day to strengthen and shape your arms, chest, shoulder, core, back, inner, and outer thighs.
  • The Yoga/Pilates ring circle is a multipurpose ring and can assist you in CrossFit training and other workout routines as well. 
  • Bring your body into balance by toning your muscles and increasing flexibility by using this home exercise equipment in your daily workouts.
  • The resistance ring is a product of superior design and top-notch materials, which makes it a piece of long-lasting fitness equipment. Also, the molded and dual-padded grips allow you to use it for multiple exercises, indoor as well as outdoor.
  • Resistance ring core with padded rubber is built to withstand consistent and strenuous use for all exercises, and it can be really helpful in fixing the problem areas like upper thighs.
  • The easy portability of this yoga ring enables you to use it inside your house or outside, thus helping you to save on your gym membership! It is lightweight, technically designed, beautifully crafted from the outside and extremely beneficial, FITSY fitness ring will surely be a handy tool in your daily workout routine.

Rs. 1199 Rs. 649