FITSY® Professional Round Rubber Dumbbells Set Combo - 12.5 KG

  • Workout with our round rubber dumbells set to tone your body aesthetically by burning excess body fat and building strength. It is recommended by many gym trainers to do weight training with dumbbells to shape your body effectively.
  • FITSY round dumbbells pair is loaded with features like its chrome handle, which allows you to grip the dumbbells securely and with comfort. The contoured texture prevents the dumbbells from slipping.
  • The rubber coating on the dumbbell set prevents it from rust and damage. Its single mould construction provides the perfect balance and an even weight distribution. The result? A stress-free and injury-free workout!
  • If you have a muscular imbalance, these round dumbbell set is your saviour as these dumbbells offer you the versatility to perform any routine that you'd usually do with barbells.
  • Also, the size of the round dumbbells allows you to carry these dumbbells set outdoor and perform your workout without any hindrance. This, in turn, also will enable you to engage in workouts that you'd instead do with barbells and weight machines.
  • FITSY round dumbbells are perfect for your full-body workout, as well as HIIT workouts.
  • The size and durability of the dumbbells allow you to use them in your gym as well as home. The indoor, as well as outdoor usage of this round dumbbell set, offers versatile and functional workout every day.
  • The dumbbell set is beneficial for both men and women and is available in 5 variants: a pair of 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 7.5 kg, 10 kg and 12.5 kg. Select your size below!

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