FITSY Adjustable Wrist Exerciser for Forearm Strengthening - Silver

  • Fitsy’s forearm-wrist exerciser equipment helps you build your wrists and forearms with its latest breakthrough technology built and high-density comfort foam grip.
  • The wrist exerciser is compact in size and lightweight, which makes it a handy tool and easily portable if you want to work out outside your home. It’s quick and comfortable to use anytime, anywhere.
  • The wrist exerciser not only strengthens your forearms but, with a little adjustment can also be used to build your wrists. They feature dual-action capability: perform regular or reverse wrist curls, all with only a few adjustments.
  • The adjustable forearm strengthener can be used for multiple exercises and will help you increase your forearms’ strength and firmness.
  • If you are an athlete or a sporty person, this wrist strengthener can be a handy accessory for you as it will give you much-needed power for tennis, basketball, bowling, and many other sports.

Rs. 699 Rs. 499