FITSY Push Up Bar Stand

  • Perform proper pushups in the right way with FITSY ready to use, fully assembled push up bar. With our push up bar, each pushup becomes more intense, thereby providing a significant upper body and mid-body workout to build muscles faster.
  • The Push up stand with Slip resistance, and anti-skid technology offers better friction to the floor and makes it an excellent fit for the working platform while doing heavy workouts. This dips stand is reliable, safe, and stable and is likely to bear heavy body weights. 
  • FITSY Push Up Bar covered with sweatproof foamy grip reduces strain on your hands and wrists, giving extra comfort during workouts. Built with high-quality materials, this push up bar cum dips bar is an excellent addition to your home gym equipment to execute a wide range of exercises.
  • Our specially made S-type push up bars for men targets to strengthen chest, shoulders, arms, biceps, triceps, and abs. As our push up bars deliver a high endurance workout, a variety of strength training workouts can be easily performed by people of any ages and fitness levels.
  • FITSY push up bar’s flexible design allows you to continue your pushups regime even when you are on travel. Moreover, our pushup bars are so compact that they consume very little space for storage and are very easy to maintain.

Rs. 949 Rs. 499