FITSY Deep Tissue Massage Roller Stick

  • With FITSY deep tissue massage roller stick, you can target any tight & sore muscles with ease and efficiency. Improve your body’s blood circulation and achieve intense muscle relief with just a 5-minutes massage. 
  • The 2mm gap between each roller prevents your hair from being pulled on your legs and offers smooth rolling action when you use our muscle roller. The elite myofascial release tool muscle massage stick will keep your muscles from knotting up and helps to keep the muscle soreness at bay.
  • The deep tissue massage roller stick not only accelerates muscle recovery but also disperses the effects of lactic acid to improve your strength & endurance. 
  • The muscle rolling stick is an essential muscle-recovery tool for athletes and runners to recuperate from sports-related injuries. The spikey design of the massage stick allows you to loosen tight muscles and help you avoid any muscle injury when you use it after your workout.
  • FITSY trigger point massage roller is made with industrial-strength materials and steel tube centre shaft, and it comes with comfortable foam handles mounted with independent spiky massage rollers. It can support a whopping 500lbs of pressure - NO Squeaks, NO Bending, NO Breaking. 
  • This muscle rolling stick helps to reduce your cramps in your calf, neck, back by targeting pressure points that stimulate tissue recovery. The 52cm long trigger point deep tissue roller comes with two ergonomic grip handles on both ends. Its compact size allows you to use it anytime and anywhere, as it can easily fit in your gym bag.

Rs. 849 Rs. 799