FITSY Hand Grip Strengthening Squeeze Balls - Set of 3

  • Relieve stress and anxiety with FITSY stress balls, which come in three levels of resistance progression: 30lbs - 40lbs - 50lbs. These squeeze balls relax your muscles and help you get rid of stress and anxiety.
  • These soft balls are excellent for hand exercises and can be used to train your hands and wrists. The physio exercise ball is produced from silicone gel with an ergonomic design, which gives it a unique textured surface.
  • These exercise balls are easy to clean and resilient in their shape. They also improve strength, relieve joint pain, and prevent stiffness.
  • These soft balls are perfect for wide-range muscular and motoric/reflex workouts as they allow you to squeeze, roll and catch the hand exercise ball, an ideal solution to build your palms, wrists, forearms, and fingers.
  • The stress balls are also great to train your joints/bones and improve the grip of your hands, preventing tension, increasing limberness, and alleviating joint pain. The squeeze balls can be used for incremental muscle training for beginner powerlifters.
  • The lacrosse balls-like stress balls can also be used for other purposes such as arthritis relief, stress relief, improving your muscle instrument skills, and also reducing repetitive strain injuries caused by typing and texting.

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