FITSY® Soft Foam Dumbbells Suitable for Women

  • FITSY lightweight, easy to use, and extremely comfy dumbells are designed especially for women!
  • These dumbells are ideal for women who work out at home, and for yoga, Pilates, aerobics, advanced strength, and endurance training. Add intensity to your fitness exercises using these soft foam dumbells as an add-on to your regular lifts and burn more calories.
  • The light weight of the dumbells and the soft foam on the outside is an extremely helpful accessory for beginners who can’t lift heavy weights. 
  • Say bye, bye to your gym gloves as these dumbbells for women come with a soft foam coating which enables easy-to-hold grip even with sweaty hands. 
  • These soft foam dumbells for women come with adjustable straps to provide that extra grip and ease of usage!
  • Another benefit of having these dumbbells is that it is easily movable from one place to another and also doesn’t take much of storage space in your closet. 
  • Package contains a pair of soft foam dumbbells weighing 1.1kg each.

Rs. 1379 Rs. 1099