FITSY® Spiky Roller Massage Ball, 9 cm

  • Is your myofascial pain hindering you from living your daily life to the fullest? Is your muscle pain reducing your flexibility and lowering your energy levels? Then do not worry, FITSY is here with its spiky deep tissue roller massage balls.
  • Get rid of your muscle pain and start living a healthy, active, and full of energy life by improving your blood flow with these trigger point therapy balls.
  • The massage balls are made from high-quality firm rubber which prevents the spikes from bending under heavy bodies. The deep tissue roller’s high density built reaches deeper muscles thus releasing more stress and providing better relief. 
  • The spikey massage balls can be used to massage any muscle in your body, you can use it as a foot massager or a back roller massager, you can use it on your thighs as well as on your arms.
  • The spikey outer layer of this deep tissue roller not only gives you a stimulating massage but also improves blood circulation throughout your body. Perfect massage roller and back roller for both pre and post-workout to rejuvenate and revitalize all areas of the body so you can train harder for longer.
  • Grab your ultimate body massager therapy ball/foot roller now. SIZE: 9 cm. Package Contains 1 Massage Ball.

Rs. 499 Rs. 249