FITSY 2 Inch Olympic Barbell Spring Collar - Pack of 2

  • FITSY newest offering for your gym accessories - 50 mm spring locks for barbells – will secure your weight plates when you build your muscles and train your core.
  • The barbell spring locks come in the size of 50 mm, which can fit your 2 inches Olympic weight barbells.
  • FITSY barbell spring locks are made from high-quality steel, which prevents it from rusting and increases its durability.
  • The 50 mm barbell spring collars are designed with premium quality steel, which gives a sturdy hold on your weight plates, thus making your workout safe and secured.
  • The barbell spring locks smoothen your flow of workout, which helps you handle your weights with stability and firmness.
  • The high-quality material of the spring clips enables them to withhold the pressure of bigger weight plates with ease and not causing any strain on your workout.
  • The spring locks are small in size, and hence they can be stored or carried anywhere you want, so you can easily perform your daily workout indoor or outdoor with these barbell spring locks.
  • The package contains 2 barbell spring locks of 50 mm.

Rs. 449 Rs. 299