FITSY 2 Inch Quick Release Olympic Barbell Lock Collar - Pack of 2

  • FITSY 2" Olympic size barbell locks are here to amaze you with its super-easy quick release technology which fit any 2" Olympic size barbell, securing your weight plates no matter how heavy you lift.
  • The Olympic barbell locks are a must-addition to your gym accessories for its functionality and the safety it provides during your workouts.
  • The barbell locks are designed with advanced technology, which gives it a one-click lock design. The installation and removal of these Olympic barbell locks take just a second as its snap-latch design enables fast locking and releasing action.
  • The Olympic bar locks are appropriate for gym workouts or home workouts due to their easy transportability and snap-latch feature.
  • The barbell collar locks are carved out of high-quality ABS plastic that can handle any weights in your gym, home, or group exercise environment.
  • Any exercises that use 2 inches Olympic barbells can be done with the help of these barbell collar locks, right from cross-fitness training to Olympic lifts and even overhead presses, deadlifts, or bench presses!

Rs. 899 Rs. 799