FITSY 3 Feet Standard Egg Biceps & Triceps Bar with Spinlocks - 25 mm (Imported)

  • FITSY triceps egg rod poses as a perfect gym accessory that enables you to not only work out your triceps but also other muscles of your upper body. 
  • This triceps bar comes with standard 1-inch thickness and thus can be used indoor as well as outdoor for lying triceps extensions, overhead triceps extension, hammer curls, close grip bench presses, and even front raises.
  • This triceps rod is beneficial and useful in both triceps and biceps exercises. 
  • The durable chrome-plated iron construction itself weighs a total of 4 kgs, but if you are a heavy workout buff, then you can add 1-inch standard weights to the triceps bar. 
  • Two spinlocks are provided along with this triceps curl bar that will hold your weights tightly during workouts, so no need to buy separate spinlocks for this triceps bar.
  • The ergonomic design of the triceps curl bar allows you to put adequate pressure on your triceps while doing overhead extensions or bench presses. Triceps Bar features a knurled handle, which enhances your grip during lifting. 
  • The triceps egg bar is 3 feet in size with the handles 7 inches apart. This design enables you to have a close and yet comfortable grip, thus putting perfect pressure on your biceps and triceps during workouts.
  • This triceps curl bar is designed for both men and women, and this mid-weight small-sized triceps egg rod is easily storable without taking too much space. Also, you can carry the triceps bar in the trunk of your car and perform your routine anywhere you want.

Rs. 3449 Rs. 2949