FITSY 4 Feet Standard Super Curl Barbell Rod with Spinlocks - 25 mm (Imported)

FITSY heavy-duty Super Curl barbell bar equipped with barbell lock for hassle-free weight lifting.
  • The sturdy build of this 4-feet 25 mm Super curl barbell rod comprising of high-quality iron with a chrome finish, makes exercising easy and comfortable.
  • This Super curl bar is compatible with all standard size weight plates of 1 inch. The deep threads for secure fastening of plates make this weight lifting rod, a safe piece of exercise equipment.
  • This gym barbell rod is equipped with knurled handgrips giving you a firm and non-slip grip.
  • FITSY’s gym rod makes your exercise routine very versatile due to its ideal weight of 4.75 kilograms and a standard length of 4 ft.
  • The ergonomically designed bends of this exercise gym bar rod make it easier on the wrist and reduce common injury risks.  
  • A gym bar like this one is just right for a home gym because it can allow you to work on your curls, bicep and triceps extensions, and so on. It is a great piece of equipment to be kept in a professional gym as well.
  • Barbell rods like these are a must-have for those lifting weights because of their compatibility with standard weight plates. Equipped with threaded posts and spinlock collars, each of these is able to hold the plates quite securely, making exercising both efficient and safe.

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