FITSY Olympic Barbell Rod EZ Curl Bar with Spring Locks - 5 Feet 50 mm

FITSY 5 feet EZ curl gym rod has the strength to withstand higher loads to perform a range of bodybuilding, strength training, weightlifting, and powerlifting workouts.
  • Precision hard chrome finish on cast iron gives the bar tough outer shell protection from the danger of damaging the sleeves due to constant flexing.
  • Made with high strength iron, this Olympic EZ curl barbell rod maintains its form throughout repeated weight lifting and is compatible with all Olympic size weight plates of 2 inches. 
  • The ergonomically designed bends of this zigzag exercise gym bar rod make it easier on the wrist and reduce common injury risks.  
  • FITSY weight lifting curl rod comes with solid steel spring lock to firmly secure weight plates, ensuring that the discs remain intact along the shaft of the bar for efficient workouts. Knurling on the rod with perfect gauge lines is specially designed for a more gripping surface to fulfill the needs of Olympic lifters for pulling heavier weights.
  • Our curl gym steel rod is likely a crucial piece of equipment to add to your home gym for high-intensity workouts. Each steel bar comes with length- 150 cm (5 feet), thickness- 50mm (2 inch) weight- 8.3kg, 2 spring locks- each 13cm.

Rs. 4999 Rs. 2999